Why choose oil?

Why choose oil to heat your home?

Safe, efficient and better for the environment, you can choose from many heating oil suppliers, not just one.

Oil gives you a choice of suppliers.

  • You are not locked in to one company that can charge their own rates.
  • Oil prices are market driven they go up and down, not just up.

Oil Is Better For the Environment

  • Oil burns healthier than natural gas releasing fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

Oil is Safe

  • Oil will not explode.
  • Oil will only burn if heated to 140 degrees.
  • Natural gas furnaces can malfunction and release carbon monoxide gas before any smoke is released leaving your family vulnerable.
  • Oil furnaces will smoke before any harmful toxins are released into the air.

Oil Is Efficient

  • The department of ecological studies  show that oil heats 16% more efficient than natural gas.
  • Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas.
  • Oil has a faster recovery than any other type of heat.
  • Oil furnaces can be upgraded easily and economically